“Floristic evidence for alternative biome states in tropical Africa” published in PNAS!

Our new paper on “Floristic evidence for alternative biome states in tropical Africa” is now published in PNAS! Using tree species lists from 753 sites in forest and savanna, and paleo-ecological data from central Africa, we provided evidence that forest and savanna represent alternative biome states in floristic composition. Adeline Fayolle and I both analyzed the […]

Planting a billion trees to mitigate climate change: a simplistic solution to a complex issue

In July 2019, a paper published in Science claimed that global tree planting could capture 205 gigatons of carbon, or one-third of the carbon dioxide emitted since the industrial revolution. These numbers were so large that headlines around the world declared tree planting to be the best solution to climate change. In a technical comment published […]

Fire Special Issue: Land-Use and Fire around the World from the Past to the Present

A special issue of Fire (ISSN 2571-6255)  http://mdpi.com/journal/fire/special_issues/paleofire Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 January 2019   Dear Colleagues, Human–fire interactions have, in many parts of the world, a long-lasting and pervasive influence on natural ecosystems. The naturalness of those ecosystems is thus questioned until evidence of human action on fire regimes have been unequivocally proven by […]